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Learning Pilates as a SYSTEM: A Testimonial to Joe's System!


Learning Pilates as a SYSTEM: A Testimonial to Joe's System!

Westwood Pilates

Congratulations to Janet Kooba for completing Joe’s System Intensive! She has been hard at work for the past several months, and we are so proud of how much she has accomplished!

Read about her thoughts on the intensive below!


Joeʼs System came at just the perfect time in my Pilates journey. I had recently completed my teacher training certification where I learned the many exercises in the Classical body of work, and now this program allowed me to gain an even greater understanding of the exercises, as well as demonstrate how the Pilates method operates as an organized SYSTEM. We began with a review of how to first build a strong foundation with the fundamental exercises and what connections are required in the body, and then ventured into exploring how the different apparatus can assist you in finding those connections.

Daniela and Pamela have a gifted, clear and concise way of connecting the dots throughout the system, and illustrating how individual bodies can benefit with the appropriate exercises using the various apparatus. The program is filled with “light bulb” moments as you learn how each exercise relates to another, and exciting discoveries of how to address your own specific needs.

An inspiring endeavor that leaves you excited to get to work, THE WORK, with your new found tools!