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The Book of Reformer: Chapter One and Two

Westwood Pilates

By Mela Debiase

Recently in a group class, one of my students was finishing up her Kneeling Thigh stretch on the Reformer and hopped off saying “So next I should set up for Frogs and Circles because I have to do that Corkscrew chapter right?  Corkscrew, Tic Toc, Frogs and Circles….”.  She has not yet learned the Arm Circles, Snake/Twist, and some other exercises on the list, so I said yes.  She then told me how her order is making so much more sense to her now, and that she sees her exercises grouped together in chapters.  Each chapter being a different little story for her body.  Well I tell you I was beaming from ear to ear hearing this!  Yes! Yes! Yes! She gets it, I didn’t even have to tell her, she feels it in her body.

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