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2076 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 446-1720

Grow stable roots for a happier, healthier you


Westwood Pilates Instructors


Daniela Escobar

co-owner and senior teacher

A dancer since the age of five, Daniela’s passion for movement started at an early age. After performing professionally for more than two decades, Daniela began her teaching career as a dance teacher and personal trainer before being introduced to the Pilates method. Her background in dance initially attracted her to the method, but eventually, Daniela fell in love with Classical Pilates and found it to be the only form of movement and exercise that completely changed her body and made her stronger than she had ever been.

Daniela graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and wrote her final research on the impact of the Pilates method on a person’s posture along the years of practice, using longtime instructors as subjects of her research. After completing her certification program through Power Pilates in 2006, Daniela worked for many years with her mentor, guiding apprentices through intensive Pilates trainings. In 2015, Daniela graduated from the highly selective Pilates Master’s Program, “The Work,” at Vintage Pilates under the direction of first generation Teacher Jay Grimes.

Daniela is known for her outgoing, challenging, and detail-oriented style of teaching. She has extensive experience teaching to clients of all levels and movement backgrounds, including athletes and the older adult population. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for the method and is the co-founder and co-owner of Westwood Pilates.



Pamela Debiase

co-owner and senior teacher

Pamela practices and teaches Classical Pilates, Joseph Pilates’ original exercises with his intentions, and brings with it her own personal teaching style to create classes focused on her clients needs. She trained with Power Pilates and completed a Comprehensive Certification in 2007 to teach all levels, healthy and injured clients, on all apparatus. In 2017 she graduated from the Pilates Master's program "The Work" at Vintage Pilates under the direction of Jay Grimes (1st Generation teacher taught by Joe Pilates himself).

She was born and raised in South Africa by two musicians who encouraged her to follow her heart.  She began her dance training at a young age, fell in love with it and became a professional Modern Dancer. She graduated in 1999 from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in England and has lived, performed, choreographed and taught dance on 4 different continents.  The strain on her body from demanding rehearsals led her to Pilates to “put her back together again”.  She trained in and taught many fitness techniques over the years but found Pilates to provide the foundation necessary for any physical endeavor you wish to achieve or simply to live a healthy life. 

So she devoted her focus to this discipline. Her warm and nurturing nature along with her lifelong search to understand the body and how it moves, keep her clients coming back for years!  Pamela ran her own Pilates Mat and Dance Program in the South Bay area.  However, when she met Daniela Escobar who shared her same values and passions, opening up a fully equipped Pilates studio with her in West LA was a natural progression to a successful partnership. 

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Ayanna Contreras


Ayanna has dedicated her life to teaching movement arts and fitness. She graduated from the Visual and Performing Arts High School, trained at the Katherine Dunham Performing Arts Training Center in East Saint Louis, and attended the California Institute for the Performing Arts.  Ayanna has performed in numerous stage concerts, music videos, movies, and television shows. In addition, Ayanna has choreographed many shows including The Chocolate Nutcracker by Debbie Allen and two tours for Wycleff Jean. She is also a certified group fitness instructor (ACE), pilates instructor, certified personal trainer, and Level 1-2 Precision Nutrition Consultant. Ayanna received her first pilates certification from the Pilates Institute of Southern California. Currently, she is working on completing her second Pilates certification at Vital Balance under the direction of Samantha Walley in Redondo Beach.

Ayanna is an accomplished teacher with nearly 40 years of experience teaching movement and dance and over 6 years of Pilates teaching experience. She has taught at the Los Angeles County High School for the Performing Arts, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Los Angeles, Stanford University, UCLA World Culture Arts Studies, LAUSD, Crunch Gym, Gold’s Gym, L.A. Sports Club, Equinox, and Dance Arts Academy.

Ayanna is passionate about teaching Pilates and says, “My experience as a lifelong student has made it possible to help each client work their mind and body together to find their center.”


Ila Singleton




Ila is a lifelong athlete, born and raised here in Los Angeles, California. Sports and exercise has always been second nature. She ran track throughout her childhood, and continued to develop and showcase her talent at the college level. Ila has competed in the Mount Sac Relays and Arcadia Relays, to name a few. For 10 plus years Ila was an avid gym rat, lifting heavy and not completely understanding the damage she was doing to her body. As a collegiate athlete Ila suffered injuries which brought her to Pilates. In 2012, Ila discovered Pilates and immediately fell in love with the practice. Due to her spinal injury, Ila knew that Pilates would be the only thing that would allow for an active lifestyle with longevity. She said “For the first time I had control over my own body. My back and overall strength had never felt better.” As a former athlete, Ila’s goal is to share and teach the importance of a strong Powerhouse and healthy spine to all ages and fitness levels.She wants to encourage those through her own testimony that Pilates can return any body to life.

Ila is a classically trained Instructor, certified through the Equinox Pilates Institute.  She is certified in all levels of Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, High Chair, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel. Ila attends workshops frequently to further her knowledge and personal practice in Pilates. Her clients range from athletes to those seasoned in age. Her main goal with each client is to improve the way they feel which in return will improve the way they look.  Effective and efficient movement for the everyday person to the toughest athlete.


Independent Instructors


Ken Krech

Ken is dedicated to teaching Pilates as he has learned it from Jay Grimes, who has learned it from Joseph Pilates at his studio on 8th avenue in N.Y.C. Those are his Pilates roots.


Bobbi Green     

Bobbi Green has had a lifelong interest in health and fitness.  She was introduced to Pilates in college and was immediately fascinated with a new way of exercising that challenged her both mentally and physically. A few years later after moving to Los Angeles, she decided she wanted to pursue her passion for Pilates and make a career change from the music industry.  

Bobbi holds a certification in Power Pilates and has been teaching Pilates for over 11 years in Los Angeles. She has spent 8 of those years teaching Pilates in a physical therapy setting. In this environment, she works with clients with many types of injuries and customizes their workouts according to their abilities and personal athletic goals.  Bobbi also enjoys and has extensive experience working with seniors and is well versed in classical Pilates.  Bobbi's goal is to help people of all ages and levels of physical fitness achieve better posture and elongated muscles, gain more energy, experience pain relief, improve flexibility and overall health.


Asayo Yi

Asayo discovered Pilates when she decided to return to classical ballet upon graduating from University. Realizing that her body needed extra training to meet the demands of dancing, she started taking Pilates, and immediately fell in love. Together with a better understanding of her own body and overall strengthening, she realized she was able to use her body more effectively than she ever had in all the years of dancing as a child and teenager.

Excited about this new discovery of movement and body awareness, she studied with Marie-Jose Blom at Long Beach Dance Conditioning and became a certified Pilates Instructor. She enjoys sharing her love of movement with clients of all ages and fitness levels, including those with physical limitations and injuries. Asayo continues to further her education in both contemporary and classical Pilates to meet the demands of a variety of clients.


Ali Bragard

Allison (Ali) Bragard has studied yoga, massage and Pilates over the past twenty-five years and she is passionate about how we can truly transform our bodies and our lives through these disciplines. In 2001 she took her first Pilates class and was instantly convinced that “this is what the body is meant to do to stay strong, lean and healthy.” Since then she studied classical Pilates intensely and completed, in 2004, her Comprehensive Pilates Training through Power Pilates in Los Angeles.

She has been teaching for the past eleven years in studios in California, Australia and France, teaching people of all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds. From teenagers to 91 year olds, she has seen how Pilates can truly make a difference.  She recently returned from Paris and is thrilled to be at Westwood Pilates, where she approaches her classes with a love for Pilates, a sense of humor, and a desire to help each person find their center, enabling them to live a healthier and happier life.   


Kiki D Amanno

Kiki D Amanno discovered Pilates while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at UCLA and working as a professional dancer.  After a back injury and experiencing profound benefits from her Pilates practice, she received her Pilates training through Long Beach Dance Conditioning and the Romana’s True Pilates Program.  She is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher.  

Along with her Pilates training, she began studying yoga with Yoga Works founders, Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller.  Since, she has completed 500 hours of Yoga Works Teacher Training with Lisa Walford and Maty Ezraty and continues to teach and practice yoga regularly.  She is also a certified GYROTONIC® trainer. Kiki works with a diverse group of clientele including professional athletes, actors, dancers, and clients recovering from surgeries or suffering from chronic pain.  She is known for her keen eye and incorporating her breadth of knowledge in different disciplines to create custom tailored workouts that are both challenging and empowering for the individual.  

 Michael & Candace Magoski 2014

Michael & Candace Magoski 2014

Chanda Hinman

Chanda came to pilates in a rather unconventional way: law school. After twelve years of late night grinding as a litigator, she felt conflicted with her true self. During this time, pilates became her beacon of light. The thick drudge of business litigation dripped away with every drop of sweat as she stretched and lifted herself to a smile. She went part-time as a lawyer, swerving off the legal track and into the pilates studio for instructor certification. Then she made a life changing decision at 36, quitting law altogether, and committing herself to a new career and lifestyle that continues to spur her creativity, energy and positive health.

Chanda is inspired by her students' willingness to work their bodies and spirits towards a better place. Chanda believes that pilates is about returning to our natural state, forgetting our mind's machinations and improving symmetry, focus, flexibility, strength and confidence. After an hour in the studio, we exit into the world a bit taller, sweatier and more alive. Chanda is a classically trained instructor, certified on all apparatus by the Equinox Pilates Institute and is PMA Certified. Chanda is also a student of mind-body, meditation and yoga, an amateur trapeze and lyra artist, a skier and a vegan.


2076 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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